The QAFP quality mark

The QAFP quality mark guarantees that throughout the production process an absolute ban applied on using antimicrobial growth promoters or hormones, and that the meat was not injected with any substances or additives.


European poultry imports. The power of quality

Poultry is very popular meat frequently chosen by consumers. The European Union member states are its key producers and exporters. Consumers around the world eagerly reach for tasty European poultry not only because of its nutrition value, but also because of its high quality guaranteed by the QAFP certificate.

european poultry

Each series of meat is produced in line with strict production standards legitimized by the European Union regulations thanks to which the consumer might be sure that the meat selected is a high quality and safe product. The European Union has been consistently implementing “farm to table” philosophy that demands following strictly defined norms from the primary production (selection of chicks, breeding, feeding, transportation) to the final stage when the end consumer purchases the product. Additionally, at every stage of the production process, a full traceability is guaranteed and the consumer obtains full information about meat’s origin. The European Union regulation stating that the producer holds responsibility for the product’s safety translates into a due diligence of every producer to deliver high quality and safe food products. A permanent veterinary supervision and control on the chicken farms and in the slaughterhouses is of great importance. Strict regulations govern also the animals’ feeding and medical treatment – in the European Union it is forbidden to apply preventive antibiotics, hormones, and growth stimulators.

Consumer obtains full information
about meat’s origin.

european chicken

A proper medical treatment is conducted under a strict supervision of the veterinary physician who strictly obeys grace period, i.e. time needed for a bird’s organism to eliminate the remains of the medicament. The responsible and aware European producers apply additional quality standards, such as ISO or control systems, such as compulsory HACCP. A quality seal of QAFP used by the producers is an additional warranty of product’s safety. Thanks to the above mentioned factors, chicken, turkey, and goose meat holding a QAFP certificate are an outstandingly delicious and premium product.
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