Czesław Brzozowski Czesław Brzozowski – Expert of poultry production of the National Poultry Council

Production of poultry in the European Union is dynamically developing – we produce more and more and surplus amounts are exported to third countries. The quality of European poultry convinces customers, and it is guaranteed by the industry’s quality system – QAFP. Two ideas of poultry production are embraced by this system: production based on the “from farm to fork” concept that guarantees consumers that the product is safe and of high quality and that, there is a constant supervision of veterinary physicians over the poultry production. In a result, consumers who eat meat with the QAFP label can be sure that during its production the following rules were adhered to: ban to inject poultry, ban on using any type of sprinkles or additional substances, ban on using hormones and growth stimulants, and guarantee that care was taken for the well-being of animals.


Leszek Lemke Leszek Lemke – Head of the National Poultry Council Quality Commission, R&D President, Representative of the Board of Directors for Quality Systems Drosed S.A.

New counties are interested in imports of European poultry. One of the reasons behind this situation is certainly the quality of poultry guaranteed by the QAFP certificate that is issued once careful controls are carried out and once the poultry producers meet many requirements. As a result, we can pride ourselves in a high-quality product, with appreciated taste value. The meat is free of any special procedures that involve the injection of water or other additional substances, including antibiotics into it. Due to that is stands a good chance of fitting into the taste of consumers from Vietnam, Hong Kong, China or the United Arab Emirates in which the campaign titled „European poultry – the power of quality” is carried out. What is more, products made in the European Union and exported to third countries, at the same time take into account limitations that are imposed by these target markets, e.g. forbidden veterinary drugs or the use of GMO ingredients in animal feeds.


Izabela Topolska m Izabela Topolska – Quality Expert of the National Poultry Council – Representative of the Board of Directors for Quality Systems Indykpol S.A.

Consumers value advantages of packed poultry. Both taste and quality are important for them, and they can easily obtain information about it from the label on the packaging. Clients can find all the data that is necessary for them during their daily shopping. This includes, among others, date of production and the use-by-date of meat and control of its quality.[1] Consumers appreciate when meat is packed because it ensures them that it is clean; they also enjoy the aesthetic look of this method of packing e.g. no fluids leak from the meat.

[1] TNS, quantitative research of chicken meat consumers, July 2015


Aleksandra Porada m Aleksandra Porada– Expert onAnimal Derived Food Products Safety and Provender

“If food has to be safe, the animals being this food need to be healthy.” The European Union countries approach this assumption with due diligence; therefore, strict law that binds all the Member Countries has been created. Moreover, all the stages of the poultry breeding and husbandry and each stage of the medical treatment are conducted under a strict supervision of a veterinary physician. It guarantees that meat and meat products produced from European poultry are safe.

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