Information about the campaign

“European Poultry – The Power of Quality” is a 3-year promotional and information campaign dedicated to high-quality European poultry produced according to the QAFP quality system.

The campaign is directed at recipients from the markets of China (with Hong Kong), Vietnam and United Arab Emirates. The main objectives of the initiative are to expand the target market by generating demand for QAFP poultry and to build a positive image of QAFP poultry among the target recipients. The campaign’s key communications concentrate on strict safety standards, guaranteed quality and transparency of individual stages of production to ensure high-quality and excellent taste of meat for end recipients. The activities, scheduled until February 2019, mainly focus on B2B cooperation and include: implementation of the promotional and information campaign on target markets, educational activities, participation in trade fairs in target countries, cooperation with representatives of opinion-making communities and with selected trade organisations located in the individual target countries. The initiator of the “European Poultry – The Power of Quality” campaign is the National Poultry Council – Chamber of Commerce. The project is supervised by the National Agriculture Support Institution and is financed with funds from the European Union, Republic of Poland and Poultry Promotion Fund.



This website has been prepared for the purpose of the program which was financed in 2016-2019 from the European Union and the Republic of Poland, as well as from the Poultry Meat Promotion Fund.