‘European poultry – the power of quality’ campaign at the finish line The third and final year of the ‘European […]


According to short-term forecasts prepared by the European Commission at the end of 2018[1], in 2019 both production and consumption […]


Vietnam is a country with a dynamically growing level of disposable income. This increase in wealth is linked to increased […]


Numerous business and informational meetings, tasting delicacies of European poultry meat and high-level visits. Delegates of the campaign “European poultry […]


According to data published by the European Commission at the end of November 2018, poultry meat production in the European […]


European poultry meat produced in the QAFP quality system will be the main topic addressed during the three-day SIAL ME […]


European poultry is enjoying increasing popularity in Vietnam. According to Eurostat[1], in 2017 the export of EU poultry meat increased […]


According to the periodic report published in the middle of October 2018 by the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) […]


During the last visit in China of the representation of producers and experts of the Program “European Poultry – strong […]


This was the last visit to the Middle Kingdom for the representation of producers and experts as part of the […]

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