European poultry meat produced in the QAFP quality system will be the main topic addressed during the three-day SIAL ME trade fair in Abu Dhabi. European experts of the campaign will answer questions in the area of production standards in the European Union, distribution and sales as well as the export possibilities of meat from the European Union produced in the QAFP quality system. You are invited to stand no. Q067.

Meeting in person during the fair is the best way to exchange experiences and to establish business relationships. Potential importers and guests visiting the campaign stand “European poultry – the power of quality” will find out more on the production of poultry meat in the European Union, which is characterised by high quality; the production process is carried out according to the philosophy “from field to table”, due to which standards and controls are ensured at each stage of production.

The campaign delegation is a group of experts in the area of the export of poultry meat including to non-European countries. The basis for participation in the trade fair is the promotion of poultry produced in the QAFP system, and also the opportunity to establish business cooperation between the United Arab Emirates and countries of the European Union.

The market of the United Arab Emirates is increasingly promising for exporters of poultry meat. In gastronomy 75% of the meat used is in fact poultry. Moreover, this country has an increasing population as well as a developing tourism and HoReCa sector. This is positive information for all potential distributors and importers of poultry from the European Union.[1]

Additionally, at the stand of the campaign “European poultry – the power of quality” no. Q067, gourmets will have the occasion to taste the unique flavour of dishes prepared by European chefs: Artur Moroz and Łukasz Prokopiuk, based on poultry meat with the QAFP quality certificate, produced according to halal requirements.

The quality system of QAFP – Quality Assurance for Food Products – places particular emphasis on a production process according to strict norms. This ensures that the meat fulfils all safety standards.

The SIAL Middle East trade fair event has been held consistently for nine years and each year attracts thousands of trade participants in the sector of food, beverages and hotels from all over the world.

[1] USDA Foreign Agricultural Service, United Arab Emirates: Poultry and Product Annual 2017

This website has been prepared for the purpose of the program which was financed in 2016-2019 from the European Union and the Republic of Poland, as well as from the Poultry Meat Promotion Fund.